Upload Files and Convert to Google Sheets

Google Drive can convert many file types into Google Sheets format:

  • Microsoft Excel (.xls and .xlsx)
  • OpenDocument Spreadsheet (.ods)
  • Comma-separated values (.csv)
  • Tab-separated values (.tab)
  • Text files (.txt) into Google Sheets format


  1. Sign in to your free Google Drive account (http://drive.google.com)

  2. To convert files into Google Sheets format, open the Settings (upper-right gear symbol), and check the box to Convert uploaded files to Google Docs.

Screenshot: Check the box to Convert uploaded files to Google Docs format

  1. To upload your file, use the New > File Upload menu OR drag-and-drop it into your Google Drive screen.

Screenshot: New > File upload OR Drag-and-drop the file

  1. When your file is successfully converted, the Google Sheets icon will appear. Recommended: Right-click to rename the file and remove the old extension (.xlsx or .csv or other), since it is no longer in this old format.

Screenshot: Right-click the Google Sheets icon to remove old file extension

  1. Google Drive files that display different icons have not been converted into Google Sheets format.

Screenshot: Spreadsheet format icons in Google Drive

Beware: A different way to convert spreadsheets into Google Sheets format is the File > Import menu, but this creates two files in your Google Drive (such as data and data.csv), which is confusing.