Pie, Line, and Area Charts with Google Sheets

Pie Chart

Best to show parts of a whole, but hard to estimate size of slices.

Try it – to come

Tutorial - to come

Line Chart

Best to show change over time with continuous data.

Try it: In this line chart, the level of chicken (shown in orange) rises steadily and surpasses beef (red) and pork (blue). Float your cursor over lines to view data details.

View source data from USDA


  • Begin by opening this link in a new tab: Google Sheet Line chart template
  • Follow most of the same steps in first tutorial above.
  • Format your data in a similar way as shown below. Each column is a data series, which displays as a separate color in the chart.
    Line chart data table
  • In the Chart Editor > Recommendations tab, choose Line chart, or see more options in Chart Types tab.

Stacked Area Chart

Best to show part-to-whole relationships that change over time.

Try it: to come

Tutorial: to come