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Tables in Markdown Format

View the underlying source code to understand how this page was composed at: https://github.com/HandsOnDataViz/book/blob/main/20.5-tables.Rmd

Create tables in Markdown format, since it produces good output for HTML, PDF, Word, and Markdown. Use a tool such as Tables Generator to import significant table data in CSV format, format the column alignment as desired, and press Generate button to create table in Markdown format. For significant table data, save the CSV version in a GitHub repo for potential later use.

Add the Markdown table code shown below to auto-number (Table x) in HTML, PDF, Word.

…as shown in Table B.1.

Table B.1: Left-justify content, remember blank Line
Much Much Longer Header Short Header Short Header
Left-justify text content with left-colons Less Here
Use more hyphens to grant more space to some columns Less Here
Table B.2: Right-justify content, remember blank line
Header1 Header2 Header3
123 456 789
Right-justify numerical content with right-colons
Use equal hyphens to make equal space for all columns

Note that Bookdown creates the Markdown file with tables in HTML format, not Markdown format. If necessary, one workaround is to paste the individual Markdown-formatted tables directly from the .Rmd into a modified full-book .md file.