Create a New Repo and Upload Code with GitHub

Question: If I already forked one copy of a GitHub code repository, GitHub will not allow me to fork it a second time. So how do I make a second copy of a repo?

Answer: GitHub has a “one-fork” rule for good reasons, but here’s a simple way for beginners to work around it, using only your web browser and any computer (such as Mac, Windows, or Chromebook).

  • Create a brand-new repository on GitHub in your browser
  • Download an existing code repository and unzip the folder
  • Upload the contents of that folder to your new repository and Commit Changes

Video with step-by-step tutorial

  1. Follow these steps if you have already forked a GitHub repository and wish to make a second copy of it. For example, imagine that you have already forked a copy of the Leaflet Maps with Google Sheets repository from TO DO change repo address

  2. If you try to “fork” it again, GitHub will simply send you back to the first forked copy you already made. Clicking the “fork” button a second time is useless here.

  3. Instead, go to your GitHub account and Create a New Repository. Give it a different name, and click the box to create a file, then scroll down to click the Create button.

  4. Go to the original repository where you wish to make a second copy, and click the Clone or Download button, and Download a zipped (compressed) file to your computer.

  5. In your computer downloads folder, unzip the compressed file, typically by double-clicking it.

  6. Go to the top level of your brand-new GitHub repository, and click the Upload Files button. Drag-and-drop all of the contents of the code repo you downloaded, EXCEPT the file, because you have already created a new one. Click the Commit Changes button and be patient. During busy periods, a large upload may take 1 minute or more for GitHub to process.

  7. When the upload is done, inspect the contents that you copied into your brand-new repository. To publish your new repo to the live web, go to Settings > GitHub Pages > select Master branch > Save. Then copy the link to your published live site and paste into your file for future reference. If you need to review these last steps, see Part B: Publish section of the Fork and Edit a Leaflet Map chapter in this book.