About Open-Access Web Edition

This open-access web edition of the book is free to read online at http://HandsOnDataViz.org. Reading online is the ideal way to explore the interactive charts and maps that are featured here, and also to click on internal cross-references or external links to additional sources. Any modern web browser will display the book, but readers may prefer larger screens (laptops or desktops) over smaller screens (such as smartphones or tablets). In your web browser, try these toolbar features near the top of the page:

  • Menu
  • Search
  • Font to adjust text size and display
  • View source code on GitHub
  • Shortcuts (arrow keys to navigate; s to toggle sidebar; f to toggle search)
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Screenshot: How to read

Use a second monitor

If you have a small screen, consider connecting a second monitor, or work next to a second computer or tablet. This allows you to view tutorials in one screen and build visualizations in the other screen.

Image: Laptop with second monitor, and with tablet

Refresh browser

To view the most up-to-date content in your web browser, do a “hard refresh” to bypass any saved content in your browser cache.

  • Ctrl + F5 (most Windows-Linux browsers)
  • Command + Shift + R (Chrome or Firefox for Mac)
  • Shift + Reload button toolbar (Safari for Mac)