Create Charts with Tableau Public

Tableau is powerful data visualization software used by many professionals and organizations to analyze and present data. Tableau can combine multiple datasets to show in a single chart (or a map), and allows to create dashboards with multiple visualizations. Individual visualizations and dashboards can be published and embedded on your website through an iframe.

This book focuses on the free Tableau Public tool, available to download for Mac or Windows. This free version of Tableau Public is very similar to the pricier versions that the company sells, but one constraint is that the data visualizations you create will be public, as the name suggests, so do not use it for any sensitive or confidential data that should not be shared with others.

You might be overwhelmed by the amount of options and features Tableau provides through its interface. We will show you the very basics enough to get started, and if you want to dive further, there are many great books on Tableau available.

In this book, we will show you how to add datasets to Tableau Public, and how to create a scatterplot and a filtered line chart.