Fix Connecticut Town Names with CTNamecleaner

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Here’s a wonderful data-cleaning tool that’s specific to Connecticut, but the idea (and open-source code from TrendCT/CT Mirror) may inspire others to create similar tools for other locations.

In Connecticut, residents often list their village or neighborhood names in their address, but these do not necessarily match the official list of 169 Connecticut town governments (called county subdivisions by the US Census). For example, the Elmwood neighborhood is located in the town of West Hartford, and the Rockville village is located in the town of Vernon.

To solve this problem, the data experts at TrendCT/CT Mirror have openly shared a wonderful tool to convert village/neighborhood names into official towns, called CTNamecleaner.

  1. Open CTNamecleaner with your browser at
  2. Upload a CSV generic spreadsheet. Learn more about CSV format in this book TO DO fix link
  3. Select the data column to be converted into town names, and download the results.

Learn more about CTNamecleaner on GitHub, and view the underlying list of Connecticut place names in a public Google sheet.