Google Sheets Charts

In addition to powerful data wrangling capabilities, Google Sheets has robust support for charting. Most people who create charts with Google Sheets export them as static png images. But in fact these interactive charts can be easily embedded on your website, as you’ll learn in chapter 7.

In this section, we will look at creating column and bar charts that are separated, grouped, and stacked. We will also look at making pie, line, area, and scatter charts, and learn to visualize three-dimensional data using bubble charts.

As most easy-to-use tools, Google Sheets has its shortcomings. You won’t be able to control tooltips of scatterplot tooltips, or cite or link to source data inside charts. You won’t be able to annotate or highlight items. But you will be able to quickly make good-looking interactive charts quickly.

Tip: Visit Types of charts & graphs in Google Sheets for an overview of the various chart types supported by this tool.