Work more efficiently with Atom editor and GitHub Desktop

TODO: REVISE outdated page: While you can do nearly everything in this book with GitHub in your browser, several steps will be faster and more efficient with two related free tools:


Download the free GitHub Desktop tool to sync and additional GitHub repos on your local Mac or Windows computer. GitHub allows users to create one fork of the basic Searchable Map template repository. To create a second template, or to move and edit multiple files for more advanced versions, download the GitHub for Mac/Windows tool. 1. Download the free tool: GitHub for Mac or GitHub for Windows 1. In the Searchable Map Template in GitHub, click Clone and save to your hard drive 1. In your GitHub browser, create a new repository for your second template, and select options to create a README.MD and license (recommended: MIT). 1. Clone your second template repository to your hard drive 1. In your hard drive, copy and paste the files from the cloned Searchable Map Template to your cloned second template. Replace the existing README.MD and license files. 1. In your GitHub for Mac/Windows tool, Commit and Sync your second template to your GitHub online account. Title the commit before clicking the button. 1. Refresh your browser to view the synced files in your GitHub account. Start at the top of these directions to remove an old gh-pages branch, create a new gh-pages branch, and edit files.