An earlier version of this book was titled Data Visualization For All and designed to accompany a free online edX course by the same name at Trinity College. Two co-instructors for this edX course contributed valuable ideas and co-created videos: Stacy Lam, Trinity Class of 2019, and David Tatem, Instructional Technologist at Trinity College. Veronica X. Armendariz, Trinity Class of 2016, also made valuable contributions to an earlier version of the book while she was a Teaching Assistant for the DataViz internship seminar.

Videos for the edX course were produced with Trinity College Information Technology staff and friends: Angie Wolf, Sean Donnelly, Ron Perkins, Samuel Oyebefun, Phil Duffy, and Christopher Brown.

Funding for student contributors to an earlier version of this book was generously provided by the Community Learning Initiative and Information Technology Services at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut.